How to Boost Your $BLAST Airdrop Rewards with Higher Blast Multiplier

How to Boost Your $BLAST Airdrop Rewards with Higher Blast Multiplier

With only three weeks left until the Blast Airdrop, now is the perfect time to work on increasing your Blast multiplier to maximize your airdrop allocation. This guide outlines the steps you need to take to enhance your Blast multiplier efficiently, providing valuable insights without incentivizing any investment.

How to Increase Your Blast Multiplier

The Blast multiplier enhances your points, which increases your potential airdrop allocation. You can unlock various multipliers by using different decentralized applications (dApps) on the Blast Layer 2 network. Here’s a detailed guide to unlocking an 18x Blast multiplier:

Spot Dexes

Head over to BlasterSwap and complete a trade. For example, you can trade $1 worth of ETH to bUSD. This task is quick and straightforward.

Perps Dexes

Complete a trade on Blitz Exchange. To minimize risk, make a small deposit, open a trade, close it immediately, and withdraw the funds. This action helps unlock the multiplier without significant financial risk.


Buy a cheap NFT and sell it again. Use platforms like Blur to find NFTs where bids are close to the buying price. You might lose a small amount of ETH in the process, but it unlocks the multiplier. For instance, losing 0.0002 ETH can be enough.


This is a free task. Mint an NFT on SpaceBar to unlock this multiplier. It’s quick and requires minimal effort.


Participate in a Blast casino, such as YOLO Games. A small gamble, like spinning with 0.001 ETH, can unlock this multiplier. Note that this involves a risk of losing the staked amount.


Play a game on Cambria games. Engage in a battle that costs a minimum of 0.001 ETH. The winner doubles their ETH, while the loser loses their stake. Winning or losing unlocks the multiplier.


Recently added, you can unlock this by buying a few cents worth of YOLO tokens on Bazaar. Ensure you follow up if the multiplier doesn’t activate immediately.

Key Considerations

  1. Timely Participation: You must complete these tasks before the airdrop ends. The deadline for the airdrop-related activities is approaching fast.
  2. Cost Efficiency: While some tasks might incur small costs (like gas fees), others are free. Balance your approach to maximize efficiency.
  3. Updates: Keep an eye on updates from Blast, as new multipliers might be introduced before the airdrop ends.

Final Thoughts

This guide aims to help you unlock the 18x Blast multiplier by detailing each required task. While some tasks may involve minimal financial outlay, others are free, making it accessible for participants willing to put in the effort. Stay informed and monitor updates to ensure you maximize your airdrop allocation efficiently and effectively.

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