Worldcoin reaches 10M users, 70M transactions and at least 13 goats bought

Worldcoin reaches 10M users, 70M transactions and at least 13 goats bought

Worldcoin’s World App has achieved significant user growth, amassing 10 million total users with an average daily usage of 2 million. This impressive achievement was highlighted by Tiago Sada, the head of product for Worldcoin’s parent company, Tools for Humanity.

He noted the rapid growth by stating, “the project now has more daily users than its total monthly user count in January 2024.”

A New Approach to Universal Basic Income

Worldcoin aims to redefine universal basic income through its unique method of user registration, which involves scanning users’ eyes with devices known as “Orbs.” This process underscores the project’s commitment to creating a secure and efficient means of distributing cryptocurrency universally.

Remco Bloemen, head of blockchain at the Worldcoin Foundation, commented on the platform’s broader vision: “Our hope is that this will encourage other contributors to develop additional wallets for the protocol, as different users have different needs and preferences for their wallet apps.”

Impactful Stories from the Community

The practical impact of Worldcoin’s cryptocurrency distribution is vividly illustrated by a user in Kenya who used their Worldcoin airdrop to purchase a goat. This anecdote has not only shown the real-world utility of Worldcoin but has also captured the community’s imagination and support, leading to additional crypto contributions that helped the user increase their livestock to “13 and counting.”

The user named one of the goats “Sam” in honor of Sam Altman, reflecting the personal connection and gratitude they felt towards Worldcoin’s initiative. This story was shared enthusiastically across social platforms, illustrating the community-building aspect of Worldcoin’s approach to cryptocurrency.

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