Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve is Enhancing Swell Network’s Liquid Staking

Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve is Enhancing Swell Network’s Liquid Staking

Swell Network has recently made headlines by announcing the opening of pre-launch deposits for its innovative Layer 2 network. This development is part of Swell’s broader strategy to enhance its Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) protocol through a Layer 2 rollup chain, leveraging key features of EigenLayer.

The network promises unique benefits to early depositors, including airdrops from Swell L2 projects, EigenLayer points, and attractive yields on deposited assets. According to a report, Swell’s rollup aims to diverge from traditional Layer 2 designs by incorporating Polygon’s chain development kit (CDK), with support from AltLayer.

Chainlink and Swell Deepen Their Integration

In a significant move to bolster transparency and security in DeFi, Swell Network has partnered with Chainlink to integrate the Proof of Reserve (PoR). This collaboration will ensure real-time verification of the ETH reserves backing Swell’s liquid restaking token, rswETH.

Chainlink’s PoR service will provide a robust framework for monitoring these reserves, instilling greater confidence among investors and enhancing the liquidity of staking protocols across the DeFi ecosystem.

Swell Founder, Daniel Dizon, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership:

“Integrating the industry-standard Chainlink Proof of Reserve to monitor rswETH reserves ensures reliability and timeliness in our operations. We’re also thrilled that Chainlink will extend its support to Swell L2 with the Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), which will significantly drive our efforts in staking and restaking within the DeFi space.”

Further expanding its influence, Chainlink’s founder Sergey Nazarov recently spoke about tokenization at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024, predicting a transformative shift towards a blockchain-based framework for the global economy.

Chainlink is set to play a crucial role in this shift, with its decentralized verification service expected to be a game-changer for the tokenization of real-world assets. The Chainlink Proof of Reserve is particularly pivotal, offering unmatched transparency and security, vital for accurate asset valuation and effective collateralization.

This suite of technological advancements from both Swell and Chainlink signals a potent collaboration set to empower and expand the capabilities of the DeFi landscape, making it more accessible, secure, and efficient for stakeholders across the board.

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