Avail Unveils $27 Million Seed Funding to Revolutionize Web3 Infrastructure

Avail announcement

Avail, a new venture branching out from the cryptocurrency giant Polygon, has successfully secured a whopping $27 million in its initial funding round, thanks to the leadership of key players Founders Fund and Dragonfly. This significant financial boost is set to pave the way for Avail’s ambitious project to construct a cutting-edge Web3 infrastructure.

At the heart of Avail’s mission lie three innovative products: Data Availability (DA), Nexus, and Fusion, collectively known as the “Avail Trinity.” This trio is designed to accelerate the fusion of Web3 networks, promising a more interconnected and seamless digital future.

Co-founder Anurag Arjun sheds light on the vision of Avail, emphasizing the ease of deploying app-specific rollups shortly, akin to the simplicity of launching a smart contract today. He highlights the critical need for seamless interchain communication to prevent fragmentation of the user experience, especially as the industry evolves towards a landscape populated by thousands of chains.

Originating as an offshoot of Ethereum‘s premier layer-2 network, Polygon, Avail aims to facilitate a cohesive ecosystem where diverse technologies and scaling solutions can coexist and interlink through a secure, trust-minimized layer. This ambition positions the Avail Trinity as a cornerstone in the evolution of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

DA stands as Avail’s foundational layer, equipped with advanced validity proofs and data availability sampling (DAS), providing a scalable platform for rollups to thrive and ensuring transactions are easily verifiable. This infrastructure is critical for supporting a future dominated by rollup-centric developments.

Nexus serves as the verification core within Avail, integrating various rollups both within its ecosystem and beyond, anchored by the DA’s trust. Moreover, Avail introduces Fusion Security, an innovative security measure that leverages the native assets of established blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum to enhance the security framework of its own platform. This strategy marks a pioneering approach to using external tokens to drive consensus on a new blockchain platform.

Avail is setting the stage for a revolutionary shift in how digital ecosystems interconnect, promising a future where efficiency, security, and collaboration are at the forefront of the Web3 revolution.

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