Sequence and Google Cloud Join Forces for Web3 Gaming Development

Sequence and Google Cloud Join Forces for Web3 Gaming Development

Sequence, the comprehensive Web3 developer platform developed by Horizon Blockchain Games, is joining forces with Google Cloud to advance the realm of Web3 gaming development.

This strategic partnership aims to streamline the utilization of Web3 building tools for developers by integrating Sequence’s suite of tools with Google’s renowned cloud computing platform.

Pioneering in Blockchain Gaming

Since its inception in 2019 with a $2.75 million seed round, Horizon Blockchain Games has been a trailblazer in the blockchain gaming space.

Bolstered by the success of its NFT/trading card game “Skyweaver” and its robust tech stack, the company has secured significant funding, with $53.3 million raised across multiple funding rounds, including a Series A round in 2022.

Sequence stands out as a “uniquely complete” full-stack Web3 developer platform, offering a comprehensive array of tools spanning wallets, marketplaces, smart contract management, analytics, indexers, relayers, and plugins for Unity, Unreal, web, and mobile platforms.

Simplifying Game Development

In a significant move, Sequence’s partnership with Google Cloud will facilitate seamless integration of its development platform within Google’s cloud infrastructure.

This integration promises to simplify the game creation process for developers, allowing them to focus on crafting exceptional gameplay experiences for players.

Ensuring Seamless Web3 Experience

Jack Buser, Director for Games, Strategic Industries at Google Cloud, emphasized the benefits of this collaboration in a press release, stating that “Sequence gives game developers the freedom to focus on crafting exceptional gameplay for players.”

Through this collaboration, Sequence removes the complexity of Web3 technology, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both developers and players.

According to Greg Canessa, President and COO at Sequence, the platform’s overarching goal has always been to enable developers to concentrate on creating great games without grappling with the complexities of Web3 technology.

Canessa highlighted the challenges faced by developers in understanding and building underlying blockchain infrastructure, stating that “Integrating Web3 shouldn’t be any harder than setting up a game server, and Google Cloud’s ethos perfectly matches ours.”

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