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How does QuantumLight differentiate itself from traditional venture capital firms in its investment approach?
In groundbreaking news for TV and news broadcasting, NBC are planning to use an A.I. Al Michaels for the Olympics coverage.
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State of Hiring in Crypto & Web3 in 2024

How to Get Your First Job in Crypto​

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Salary: £50,000

Alphachain Capital is seeking a skilled and motivated Cryptocurrency DeFi Quantitative Developer with 1-2 years of experience...

Salary: Market related

Nephele Labs is seeking an experienced Community Manager to engage their growing user base and enhance their ecosystem's visi...

Salary: Market related

Winnables is seeking a talented Visual Designer to join their team and help create stunning visual materials for upcoming cam...

Salary: Market related

Braiins is currently seeking a talented Technical Analyst to join their development teams to help deliver the best versions o...

Salary: Market related

Gemini is seeking a dynamic and creative Content Production Intern to join their Nifty Gateway marketing team. This role is i...

Salary: Market related

Custodia Bank envisions a future where all banks will need to support digital assets and provide a responsive, online interfa...

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Sreeram Kannan & Robert Drost dissect EIGEN token & address whale concerns.