Mastercard and US Banks Advance Blockchain Trials in Settlement Technology

How much does BlockFi owe to its three largest creditors according to estimates?
How does Apple plan to incorporate generative AI into its mobile devices, and what potential benefits does this approach offer?
What initiatives did Nigeria undertake during a four-day AI workshop to propel its AI development forward?
What distinguishes Meta's Llama-3 from other large language models, like GPT and Claude?
What safeguards does the proposed agreement between Hollywood unions and record labels provide against the use of artificial intelligence in music production?

Shiba Inu, the entity behind the well-known $SHIB memecoin, has successfully raised $12 million for the development of a new...


State of Hiring in Crypto & Web3 in 2024

How to Get Your First Job in Crypto​

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Salary: Market related

prePO, a decentralized trading platform for pre-public assets, seeks a Senior Web3 Front-End Engineer to lead the development...

Salary: Market related

BOB ("Build on Bitcoin" L2) is on the lookout for a Head of Marketing to strategically position itself as the premier platfor...

Salary: Market related

Avara, a pioneering group in software development, is dedicated to creating transformative blockchain-based solutions for the...

Salary: $200K/yr - $300K/yr

Blue Coas is actively seeking a Crypto Quantitative Researcher to enhance their trading strategies in the dynamic crypto mark...

Salary: $120K/yr - $150K/yr

Crypto Recruiters is looking for a Tokenomics Designer to join their innovative team on a permanent basis. This pivotal role ...

Salary: Market related

Analog is pioneering the Layer-0 blockchain network with a groundbreaking Proof-of-Time consensus mechanism. Supported by top...

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Sreeram Kannan & Robert Drost dissect EIGEN token & address whale concerns.