Shardbound Enters Open Beta Launching on June 27th at Epic Games Store

Shardbound Enters Open Beta Launching on June 27th at Epic Games Store

The much-anticipated open beta version of Shardbound, a multiplayer collectible tactics game, is set to launch on June 27th on the Epic Games Store. This release will allow players to experience turn-based tactical gameplay on stunning 3D hexagonal battlefields for free. Players can complete quests in Battle Passes to earn faction cards, enhancing their in-game experience.

What Is Shardbound?

Shardbound is a free-to-play strategic card game that takes place on tactical hexagonal maps. Players place cards that transform into 3D units for 1v1 turn-based gameplay. A match is won by either defeating the opposing commander or by collecting 10 Victory Points. Victory Points can be earned by hitting or destroying Victory Crystals on the map.

A deck in Shardbound consists of five card types: Commander, Relic, Minion, Spell, and Equipment. Each deck must include one Commander and one Relic. Minions and Commanders belong to one of five factions, each represented by different colors. Strategic placement of units on the diverse battlefield environments is crucial for gaining a tactical advantage.

Relics, equipped by Commanders, provide special abilities and enable Dual Color Decks, allowing players to mix factions within a single deck. Spells offer various effects like healing and terrain alteration, while Equipment includes weapons and armor to strengthen summoned minions.

Although no specific Web3 features have been announced yet, it is expected that the ability to own cards as NFTs will be introduced in the near future.

What’s Included in This Beta Release?

The open beta will be available for a limited, unspecified amount of time, according to a Discord announcement from the developers. This playtest allows everyone to jump in and enjoy the strategic gameplay that was previously available only to select users during the Exclusive Beta. Some new features and improvements include:

  • New Card and Pack Options: Players will have access to a variety of new cards and packs.
  • Upgraded Art: Enhanced visuals for Characters, Spells, Relics, and Equipment.
  • Gameplay and UI/UX Updates: Numerous updates to gameplay, matchmaking, and user interface for a more accessible and enjoyable experience.
  • Card Leveling Changes: Adjustments to ensure balanced power levels across all decks.

Players will also be able to progress through Faction Battle Passes, completing daily, weekly, and periodical quests to earn XP and unlock new cards and Royal Marks. These marks can be used to purchase cards in the in-game shop. Duplicate cards can be utilized for Card Upgrades, enhancing their health, attack, or spell power stats.

Pre-registration is available on the game’s official website via email or Immutable Passport. Pre-registering provides instant access to the game upon release and an exclusive playable card during the first week of public beta.

The launch of Shardbound’s open beta on June 27th offers an exciting opportunity for players to dive into a richly detailed, strategic card game on the Epic Games Store. With numerous improvements and the potential for Web3 integration, Shardbound promises to deliver a unique and engaging gaming experience.

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