Elixir Games Introduces Season Pass Event with Over $1M in Prizes

Elixir Games Introduces Season Pass Event with Over $1M in Prizes

Elixir Games is transforming the landscape of Web3 gaming by launching an extensive play and earn event that spans its entire platform and collaborates with numerous partner games. This inaugural season pass event promises over $1 million in prizes, making it an exciting opportunity for gamers worldwide.

Starting on April 19th and running through June 3rd, the Elixir Season Pass invites players to engage in various activities ranging from daily tasks like writing reviews to participating in game-specific quests. These quests are designed to immerse players deeper into the games, requiring both skill and dedication to fulfill.

The event isn’t just about playing; it involves a vibrant community interaction through social quests, with leaderboard rewards slated for the top 20,000 participants. This structure ensures that players of all levels have a chance to win something significant.

Special Promotions and NFT Integration

Adding to the excitement, Elixir Games is also holding a free mint for Elixir NFTs on April 25th. Players can choose to either burn these NFTs for a chance to spin the prize wheel or hold onto them for potential future benefits, adding a strategic element to the gaming experience.

The Elixir Season Pass is structured to encourage daily engagement, with a limited number of quests available each day. Players need to consistently log in and participate to maximize their points and potential rewards. This approach not only boosts daily activity on the Elixir platform but also increases exposure to various games within its ecosystem.

Expanding the Gaming Experience

As a hub for both Web3 and traditional games, Elixir Games operates similarly to popular platforms like Steam but with an added focus on blockchain-based games. It allows gamers to integrate their accounts from other platforms such as Epic Games and GoG, offering a centralized location to access a wide range of gaming titles.

Currently hosting over 120 games, Elixir’s platform supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, ensuring wide accessibility. The Season Pass event serves as a catalyst for attracting new players to the platform, offering them a taste of different games they might not have encountered otherwise.

Participation in the Elixir Season Pass event is free, requiring only an Elixir account to get started. This initiative by Elixir Games is set to not only reward its community with substantial prizes, but also to enrich their gaming experience by introducing them to a diverse array of gaming titles and community-driven activities.

As Elixir continues to expand its offerings, it solidifies its position as a significant player in the gaming industry, bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming worlds.

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