Superchain Network Partners with UNA to Revolutionise Cryptocurrency Recovery Process

Superchain Network Partners with UNA

In an innovative move poised to significantly enhance the security and recovery capabilities within the web3 ecosystem, Superchain Network partners with UNA, the pioneering web3 Recovery Operating System solution. 

This collaboration marks a significant advancement in addressing the critical challenge of account recovery snapshotting, a process traditionally plagued by complexity and extended timelines.

Historically, the process of snapshotting, essential for accurate account recovery following protocol exploits, has been both time-consuming and resource-intensive, requiring weeks of effort from highly skilled chain engineers. 

This challenge is compounded by the intricate web of token distributions across protocols, millions of state changes, and the limitations of current indexing and RPC solutions, leaving the industry without an effective means of addressing these issues.

The partnership between Superchain Network and UNA introduces a groundbreaking solution to these problems. By leveraging Superchain Network’s advanced toolboxes, the alliance aims to create a mechanism that facilitates rapid access to essential datasets for recovery snapshots. 

These toolboxes, built upon the Superchain Network, enable the construction of detailed datasets of protocol state changes, ensuring that verifiable data is accessible instantly, rather than over weeks.

UNA’s Head Chef, Enigma Fund, had this to say on the partnership:


“We’re massive supporters of the Superchain team. Not only are they building the most essential railroads and supplying the data this industry needs to build on, I’ve rarely had the privilege of working with such a talented and earnest team.”


This collaboration is set to transform the recovery process in the event of a protocol exploit. With the ability to access granular level datasets of protocol state changes immediately, the partnership ensures that users and protocols can implement a token recovery strategy with an accurate dataset from a very specific point in time, significantly enhancing the user experience in the crypto space.

UNA, heralded as web3’s Recovery Operating System, together with Superchain Network’s innovative toolboxes, will provide a much-needed solution to the cumbersome recovery process. 

This partnership not only addresses a critical area of concern for both users and protocols but also paves the way for a more secure and resilient web3 ecosystem.

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