JPEG’d DAO Eyes Airdrop Farming for $37M ETH Treasury Boost


JPEG’d DAO, an entity at the forefront of on-chain lending leveraging NFTs as collateral on the Ethereum network, is venturing into airdrop farming to enhance its treasury as JPEG’d DAO plans to deploy $19M from it’s $37M ETH treasury into airdrop farming on EigenLayer and Blast, tapping into high-yield crypto investments.

On a recent Monday, discussions commenced around a proposal, identified as PIP-85, to allocate half of its ether treasury—amounting to nearly $19 million—towards airdrop farming endeavors on EigenLayer and Blast, two prominent platforms within the Ethereum ecosystem favored by airdrop enthusiasts.

In the future, these platforms are expected to distribute valuable tokens to their participants, attracting substantial crypto capital, notably from airdrop farmers seeking to maximize returns. This strategic move by JPEG’d DAO underscores the ongoing search for high-yield investment opportunities within the crypto domain, spotlighting airdrop farming as a compelling avenue for treasury growth and diversification.

It will be interesting to see what the market makes of JPEG’d DAO plans to deploy $19M of its ETH treasury.

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