Metabolts NFT Mint Unveiled by Delabs for Exciting New Post-Apocalyptic Game

Metabolts NFT Mint Unveiled by Delabs for Exciting New Post-Apocalyptic Game

Delabs, a prominent South Korean developer, has unveiled exciting plans for its highly anticipated post-apocalyptic blockchain game, Metabolts! Delabs also unveiled information about the Metabolts NFT mint.

The company announced the minting of 7,777 NFTs for characters within the game, promising exclusive rewards and gameplay perks for holders.

Metabolts has garnered attention for its strategic gameplay and skill-based character progression, set in a dystopian future where survivors navigate a world on the brink of collapse.

Players must band together to rebuild society amidst the chaos, mirroring real-world shifts towards decentralized finance and community-driven solutions.

These minted Metabolts NFTs serve as profile picture representations of in-game characters, offering holders special access to airdrops, staking rewards, and early gameplay advantages.

Delabs CEO Joonmo Kwon emphasized the company’s commitment to rewarding dedicated players, stating, “We value dedicated players and want to reward them with exclusives.”

NFTs in Gaming: A Tiered Approach to Rewards and Engagement

The pricing structure for acquiring these NFTs is tiered, with incentives for different levels of community engagement.

Adventure Pass holders, for instance, enjoy discounted pricing and multiple mint allowances per pass owned.

Private list members can mint for 0.8 ETH, while whitelisted addresses pay 0.1 ETH, before the full public sale opens at the same rate.

Kwon highlighted Delabs’ dedication to making both web2 and web3 gaming accessible, ensuring all players can fully immerse themselves in the Metabolts experience.

The integration of NFT benefits aims to incentivize engagement rather than gatekeep, fostering a vibrant ecosystem where fans can participate according to their preferences.

Backed by 4:33 Creative Lab, a leading developer in the gaming industry, Delabs appears well-positioned to merge triple-A quality with web3 innovation.

The enthusiastic response to Metabolts suggests a promising future for broader adoption, with the NFT mint representing just the beginning of an exciting journey for players and blockchain enthusiasts alike.

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