March 2024: Crypto’s Pivotal Moments with Key Upgrades and Financial Events

Crypto's pivotal moments

In March 2024, the crypto community is set to witness a series of significant events that promise to shape the landscape of digital finance, as detailed by crypto research entity Layergg.

This month, touted as having crypto’s pivotal moments for 2024, is particularly notable for its blend of technical advancements and strategic developments, starting with Uniswap‘s proposal to adjust its fee structure and Celo‘s announcement regarding its layer two migration on the very first day.

As the month unfolds, the crypto space will see the Ecofund proposing a substantial $30 million for Mantle‘s growth and the LFG Launchpad considering support for Jupiter, both slated for March 4. The following day, political tokens, particularly the TRUMP token, are expected to draw attention amidst the U.S. Super Tuesday events.

A significant focus will also be on the delisting of ANT and WAVES tokens from Binance U.S., scheduled for March 8, paralleled by anticipations of potential airdrops for FXS, FXTL, and WEMIX tokens within the month’s initial phase.

The Ethereum network is bracing for the Dencun upgrade on March 13, a milestone that introduces proto-danksharding and data blobs, promising enhanced scalability and reduced costs for layer two solutions.

The financial aspect of crypto will also be in the spotlight with the Arbitrum token unlock on March 16, unlocking $2.2 billion worth of tokens. This event is part of a month filled with noteworthy occurrences, including the NVIDIA AI Conference and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision, alongside the unfolding of the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit.

Layergg’s calendar encapsulates March as a dynamic and crucial period for the crypto industry, highlighting the sector’s ongoing evolution and its impact on both technical and financial fronts.

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