Early Bird Gains: Maximizing Profits from Crypto Airdrops

Crypto airdrop

CoinGecko‘s recent investigation into cryptocurrency airdrops from 2020 through to February 2024 has revealed insightful trends about their valuation peaks.

This extensive review, covering 50 significant airdrops, identified that nearly half (46%) showcased their maximum value within the first fortnight of issuance.

Out of the 50 airdrops scrutinized, 23 exhibited their zenith in market value during the initial two-week span, hinting at an early selling strategy for optimal profit.

Noteworthy instances include the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and X2Y2 tokens, which escalated by 73% and 121% respectively, mere days post-launch.

Other tokens like Blur (BLUR) and LooksRare (LOOKS) also demonstrated notable early gains.

While the immediate aftermath of an airdrop seems lucrative for selling, the study also acknowledges tokens that flourished beyond the two-week mark.

A significant number, 27 out of 50, recorded their peak gains later, underscoring diverse trajectories in airdrop value realization.

Additionally, market trends heavily influence these outcomes, with airdrops during 2021’s bullish phase hitting record highs, such as Uniswap’s UNI token, which soared well after the initial fortnight.

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