Earn Alliance Facilitates Gamer Entry into Crypto Games, Offering Tokens as Rewards

Earn Alliance Facilitates Gamer Entry into Crypto Games, Offering Tokens as Rewards

With over 400,000 users under its belt, Earn Alliance, a crypto game aggregator, is pioneering efforts to introduce traditional gamers to the crypto space while offering them tokens through an innovative airdrop initiative.

The platform boasts a Netflix-like interface and aggregates over 2,600 games, aiming to simplify the process of discovering crypto and NFT games across various blockchain networks.

In a bid to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and crypto, Earn Alliance is rolling out a new feature slated for launch on Tuesday, targeting users of major PC gaming marketplaces such as Steam and the Epic Games Store, as well as the gaming chat app Discord.

Empowering Users and Developers

Founder Joseph Cooper, a seasoned game developer and serial entrepreneur, emphasizes the wealth of untapped off-chain data that could significantly aid in marketing and targeting crypto games.

Cooper states, “We wanted to get game data in a nice way… We don’t want to just take your data—we want to pay you in tokens, to exchange it.”

By connecting their PC gaming accounts, users provide Earn Alliance with valuable insights into their gaming preferences, enabling developers to better tailor their games to specific player interests.

Additionally, users stand to benefit from the ALLY token airdrop, commencing on March 28, based on their gaming history and interactions on the platform.

Enhancing Airdrop Benefits

Each user’s airdrop package can be enhanced through various activities such as interacting with games on Earn Alliance, completing daily quests, and participating in promotional events.

Referring other users also boosts one’s airdrop allocation, incentivizing active engagement within the platform.

Cooper draws parallels between Earn Alliance’s referral system and the Facebook gaming era, highlighting the potential for crypto rewards in the Web3 landscape.

He envisions a thriving ecosystem where users are incentivized for referrals, akin to the benefits observed during the Facebook web era.

Addressing Apprehensions

Earn Alliance’s recent feature additions signify its ambition to tap into a broader market of gamers.

While some traditional games have been hesitant to embrace crypto games due to concerns over quality and blockchain technology, Earn Alliance aims to address these apprehensions by facilitating the discovery of high-quality crypto games.

Cooper’s firsthand experience in game development, coupled with insights gained from ventures like Axie Infinity, informs Earn Alliance’s mission to support emerging crypto game developers.

As the crypto gaming space continues to mature, Cooper remains optimistic about the emergence of better-quality games in the near future.

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