Earn Bitcoin as You Play: Everseed Beta Unveils Tower Defense Game

Earn Bitcoin as You Play. Everseed Beta Unveils Tower Defense Game

Excitement brews as Everseed, the innovative tower defense game, rolls out its latest beta version, offering players the chance to earn Bitcoin while engaging in strategic gameplay.

Unlocking Bitcoin Rewards with Daily Patrol

Central to this exciting update is the introduction of the Daily Patrol challenge, where players strive to achieve the highest scores to earn BTC.

Each day, participants are granted a complimentary attempt at this challenge.

Additionally, players have the option to utilize in-game tokens or watch ads for extra tries, enhancing their chances of securing rewards.

These rewards, primarily reserved for top performers, reset daily, ensuring a dynamic and competitive gaming experience.

To access these tokens, players must possess a ZBD wallet compatible with the Bitcoin Lightning network.

Accessing the Everseed Beta

To join the beta, players require either a Ranger or Sprout NFT, or they can obtain an invite code from the game’s Discord community.

Currently accessible on Android platforms, the game has plans for a forthcoming web launch, with an iOS version slated for later this year.

Beyond Bitcoin rewards, players have the opportunity to amass Stars during game Seasons, spanning several weeks.

These Stars culminate in special badges at the conclusion of each Season, acknowledging players’ accomplishments.

Moreover, frequent updates introduce new UI enhancements, terrains, flora, and adversaries, ensuring that the gameplay remains immersive and captivating.

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