Immutable’s zkEVM Mainnet Gains Momentum as Games Make the Move

Immutable's zkEVM Mainnet Gains Momentum as Games Make the Move

The gaming industry witnesses a surge in projects migrating to new blockchains or adopting cross-chain approaches, with 2023 marking a significant uptick in this trend.

As we progress into 2024, the momentum only intensifies, with at least 14 developers announcing their plans to switch chains, signaling a notable shift in the gaming landscape.

French mobile game studio TapNation spearheads the migration trend by bringing two popular hypercasual mobile games, Giant Rush and Parking Jam, to Immutable’s zkEVM.

Philippe Lenormand, TapNation’s Head of web3, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the opportunity to transition web2 players into web3 and embark on an exciting new journey together.

First Light Games and TCG Storm Warfare Join the Fold

Following TapNation’s lead, First Light Games announces the migration of its multiplayer mobile battle royale game, Blast Royale, to Immutable’s zkEVM.

Co-CEO Anil Das-Gupta expresses confidence in Immutable’s technologies, foreseeing seamless ownership, trading, and selling of Web3 assets among players.

TCG Storm Warfare from Janus Interactive Studios also embraces Immutable’s zkEVM, marking a significant milestone as the first full-version game to launch on the platform.

In tandem with this integration, Janus Interactive collaborates with Polygon Labs to enhance Storm Warfare’s blockchain infrastructure, further solidifying its position within the evolving gaming landscape.

These developments underscore the growing prominence of Immutable’s zkEVM mainnet as a preferred destination for developers seeking to leverage web3 technologies and enhance the gaming experience.

As the migration trend gains momentum, Immutable’s ecosystem is poised to expand further, offering new opportunities for innovation and collaboration within the gaming industry.

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